Denver Bars - What do you Know?

The secret of Denver Bars

Why does Denver have great food in so many of their bars?

Because we can LOL

In Denver bars people take their food seriously and it doesn’t matter what neighborhood or what the parking situation is..if the food is good people will find a way to go there…

But in the case of a good bar with good food the people will wait for a very long time to get in. I will list and describe a few places that I knew from my drinking days that are still popular today…in no particular order…with my fondest memory associated with the place.

 Denver bars,denver sports bars,denver wine bar,clubs in denverSatire on East Colfax…it is my opinion that this was a fun place and the place I would compare other Denver bars to….great Mexican food and a mostly friendly clientele. This is one of several places the much loved Pete Contos owns and operates.You simply cannot talk about restaurants in Denver without hearing his name..

The Satire had strong drinks, great food and from what I recall..a good jukebox.

Wazee Lounge at 15th and Wazee…I remember the black and white tiles…excellent jukebox and funny bartenders…if you were popping in after work or solving the world’s problems for a couple of was almost impossible to resist their of the best Denver bars.

My Brother’s Bar 15th street near Little Raven Street…Imagine a place so cool they didn’t even need a sign out front with their name on it. That’s the way I remember it…and the burgers..haven’t been there in years but the memory is clear…lots of wood, comfortable interior, classical music..and jalapeno cream cheese burgers…unbeatable.

Don’s on 6th Ave A good old fashioned dive bar in the Governor’s Park neighborhood that was basically a no nonsense place that offered a no frills drinking experience. Pool table, range of students and blue collar folks.I never ate there and it doesn’t seem like I ever smelled food there.

Governor’s Park on 7th This was a sports bar back then and a pretty good one. The food was good…Salads, nachos, burgers and some upscale tavern style food. The atmosphere was friendly and they had multiple screens to see the game and they also had trivia nights. Very relaxed but very busy at the same time..a great place after work to unwind.

 Denver bars,denver sports bars,denver wine bar,clubs in denverSpeaking of trivia…in the old days Denver had what seemed like a bar on every corner and they all seemed to be slightly different…over the years there has been a sort of “sameness” to the bars..they have a theme or a cuisine and they don’t vary much.

Here is a list of my favorite bars from the old days…I drank zillions of dollars worth in Denver bars so I can say if there was a Denver hall of fame for bars..these would belong..even if they are retired.

Sportsman’s 15th and Welton…Downtown Denver was not like it is today…it seemed like everyone knew everyone…if you worked downtown, you drank downtown and you basically saw the same faces everyday.

The bar was famous for Mexican food and sports fans. You simply could not get off the stool on some days.

Pete and Polly’s on Brighton Blvd…I was one of many employees at my former company that went there every weekend…they had no electricity..they pulled chipped tumblers from a rack behind the bar and poured homemade wine for less than a buck. You could also order a can of beer out of a cooler for 50 cents…They would close at dusk because they had no lighting…and I remember people could but eggs from them due to the hens in the back of the property (?!) or have their bicycle repaired…it was as if a country general store sold black market booze.

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