Find Denver Dog Parks

Looking for Denver Dog Parks?

Stuff to do in Denver is actually pretty hard to narrow down so for now I will focus on where to take children and what kid doesn’t like a park?

Of course people of all ages like to go as well and whether you are riding a bicycle or building a snowman you have lots of choices.The park system is very good compared to other places and I will also throw in a couple of Denver dog parks …

Of course..some people that are not dog lovers will say that there are too many dogs roaming around the other parks…what did they do to deserve their very own park?

But first..Denver Washington Park is probably my favorite and though I am not as athletic as I used to be I am still tempted to join in on the various games of volleyball or flag football I see.

 Denver Dog  parks, denver parks,denver city park,denver parks and recWhether you like organized leagues or want to attend one of the Tai Chi classes being held there you will rarely run out of things to do. In that case they have a community center on the premises.

The last time I went I took my niece there to watch the ducks (try not to feed them) and use the playground. There were many children…I seem to remember about 30 of them on the playground.

When we finished there we went for a walk and it was on the edge of the park that lasted over a mile and the oval shape trail was clearly marked…joggers get a part of the trail and bicyclist get the other part…try not to mix up and get into the wrong lane or you will enrage the people…because I guess leisure is super serious business.

Denver Washington Park is off of Downing/Corona Street 2 or 3 blocks south of Alameda Avenue.

Other stuff to do in Denver is to go to City Park which is huge!

It is near the Denver Zoo off of Colorado Boulevard and 20th Avenue and you can get exercise all day and still not see all of the park if you plan on walking.

The neighborhood of Denver City Park is different than Denver Washington Park’s neighborhood…it is much more family oriented and you can park nearby without too much difficulty. They normally have a lot of activity there but you can also find a lot of peaceful places to relax and sit out on a blanket.

Dogs are pretty well taken care of in the entertainment department and Denver has some pretty close to downtown…so even for dogs there is stuff to do in Denver.

 Denver Dog  parks, denver parks,denver city park,denver parks and recTry the dog park at 29th Avenue and Franklin Street east of downtown…or you can go a little further east and go to Syracuse Street and 24th Avenue.

The idea of Denver dog parks is that it was designed for dogs to socialize with one another…and unless you like watching dogs..I’m afraid there isn’t much else for you to do. Dogs that visit other dogs…a very simple thing…free from nervous owners and just wandering around trying to say hello.

There are other parks of course but this is a good way to start seeing where to begin.

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