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In the old days when you locked your keys inside your car you would use a clothes hanger….you would take a wire hanger and untwist it to form a long straight rod.

You would then twist the end and form a hook and proceed to jam it into the opening at the top of the window possibly destroying the foam molding in the process…which you would discover on the next rainy day…

You would then try to aim the wire to the car lock or handle and pull up in order to gain entry…if that didn’t work you would call a locksmith that you found in the phonebook.

Remember that?

 Denver Locksmith  And then you would hope they would use a “slim jim” and in 2 minutes you were done.

That was a simpler time….nowadays you have cars that have a different lock system that makes it difficult to use a hanger to unlock your car.

Also…there is a new development….the locksmith business has experienced a new kind of challenge to its reputation...the predator.

Be careful with these people!


It is late at night and you are unable to get in your car so you call a locksmith...they quote a price and you heave a sigh of relief as you wait for them to arrive.

They show up in an unmarked vehicle and a thug demands the payment up front….and once the car is opened he wants more money….

Denver CO locksmiths are normally ethical…but how do you know which one to trust?

I believe in the saying...”the worst time to think is when you have to”

So what do you do?

Who has the time to research things ahead of time?

Well in the case of a Denver locksmith maybe it is worthwhile to see who is listed with the Better Business Bureau…or at the very least Yelp or Google.

Once you have a couple of names you can plug that information into your speed dial.

Lockouts are unpleasant…but that isn’t the only time you need a locksmith.

Re-keying and replacement are also common…

I once lived in a building that had a lot of people moving in and out and they also seemed to have a lot of lockouts….not a month went by when you didn’t see a Denver locksmith doing work.
The locksmith told me that any apartment manager that has doorknob locks is just asking for trouble because that is the majority of his service calls.

If you absent mindedly turn the lock as you close the door it is easy to do…but if you have to pull the key out of your pocket and lock the deadbolt it would make sense that you are able to use that same key to unlock the door.

Some locksmiths are quite good so I don’t mean to paint all of them as predators….a good way to find a Denver locksmith is to ask your friends for a referral since word of mouth is my preferred method but other than that you can do your research before you need them!

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