Denver map -What to find along the way

Denver map

I will attempt to describe the Denver grid system of streets as well as a brief overview of key streets surrounding downtown. A Denver map can be misleading at times because streets can seem to change names after crossing other key streets

Every newcomer should know how to go east to west and roughly what to find along the way.

Map in Denver-East/West

 Denver map, denver maps, map of denver, denver co mapsColfax Ave is technically 15th Avenue or the 1500 block…it is a very long street where you will see the capitol and you will be able to get to the edge of downtown. Aurora to the east and Lakewood to the west you can see a lot of Denver but be aware…it is also a good place to practice common sense to avoid too much urban interface/drama.

13th Avenue is a great shortcut and an alternative to Colfax which is 2 blocks to the north. Take this to get to the downtown central branch of the library. Be cautious when on foot since it is quite similar to Colfax Ave in some stretches.

6th Avenue is a freeway that can take you from the town of Golden out west into the city and on to Aurora. It will turn into a one-way city street once you get into Denver and bring you through Governor’s Park and near the Cherry Creek shopping district.

Alameda Avenue is technically the 300 south block and also a good street to use whether you are shopping in Cherry Creek, Far East Center (Federal Blvd) or Aurora. It runs out west in Lakewood where you will find Bel Mar shopping mall which is a nice change of pace from indoor shopping malls.

Evans Avenue is technically the 2100 south block and runs from Aurora to Lakewood and noteworthy for the University of Denver also known as “DU”

Hampden Ave is technically the 3500 south block and is a major east west throughway so you can speed from Aurora to Lakewood while slicing through the town of Englewood. It is going to change its name to Havana once you get near the Aurora border where you end up on a north/south street at that point.

On the north side of downtown you have numbered avenues for the most part with the exception of Martin Luther King Blvd which was 31st Avenue many years ago.

Denver Map
View Larger MapDenver map-North/South

Too numerous to mention but you would do well to get familiar with a few:

Broadway which is the east west dividing line or zero block…this is the major north and south street out of downtown and where you will find the central library.

 Denver map, denver maps, map of denver, denver co mapsFederal Blvd which is the main street in west Denver and the 3000 block…this is where International Denver is in my opinion.

Colorado Blvd is the 4000 block and it is where you will find many “big box” stores and chain restaurants. Natives sometimes call this Highway 2 and probably one of the busiest streets in Denver.

Quebec is the 7300 block and kind of a dividing line between Denver and Aurora.

Be careful when driving east in the morning and west in the afternoon since the glare of the sun is terrible at times!

Denver Colorado insider’s point of view

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