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Visiting the Denver Mint

The trick to understanding how to have fun in Denver is to discover what things are free!

Many people come to Denver prepared to spend their time and money and end up with a lot of hidden expenses with parking and food and soon they get frustrated…

When you are in a city you can always find things to do but here are a couple of kid friendly places that are free.

Let’s start at the Central Library at 14th Avenue and Broadway on the edge of downtown.

 Denver Mint,the denver mint,denver downtown,united states mint denver On the first floor is a substantial kid’s section with all sorts of books…well, that’s to be expected…the selection is huge!

But…I bet you didn’t know that there are lots of interactive games on the computers…designed to educate…though they are fun too.

When you are done you can head down 14th Avenue and go west until you get to 320 West Colfax…but 14th Avenue is an easier way of going…to the Denver Mint.

People of all ages just love going to the Denver Mint where they can look at all of that money!

How is it made, what all is involved…all of your questions will be answered by the time you finish taking this tour.
Denver tours are not always the first thing we think of when getting to know a city…normally we are so focused on where to eat and where to stay. Once those things are decided you will want entertainment and if it is free then you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

As long as you make the reservation through the website instead of just showing up you will be fine. Children under 7 aren’t recommended but that’s can figure something else out…lots of kid friendly things to do in Denver.

Denver tours at the Mint are pretty flexible...if you are an individual or a small long as you schedule it between 8 am and 2 pm they make it easy for you.

When you are finished you can get on 13th Avenue and head toward to the library but keep going east a few more blocks until you get to the Capitol.

 Denver Mint,the denver mint,denver downtown,united states mint denver The shiny gold dome is unmistakable and when you get to Grant Street you want to look for parking. Be careful with walking too far because the foot traffic is pretty heavy and you want to avoid some of the folks that linger around the area doing various activities that might be described as…well...just be careful. Head toward Colfax Avenue 2 blocks to the north and just have a laser like focus and avoid the rougher element that hangs around at the parks and side streets.

Denver tours at the Capitol are free and you can call them or look up information on the internet regarding hours of operation…also, they might be doing some renovation on the dome so tours might be limited to other sections...but is an excellent way to spend some time and kids and adults both love it and I think you will too!

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