Denver Museums That Kids Like -Stuff to do in Denver

Denver Museums That Kids Like

I think we don’t give children enough credit….

We pamper them and assume that they are not interested in the same things that adults are and unless there is a place that is “kids only” that we will bore them.Why not get in the car and do something different instead of just going to a movie or doing the same old thing?

Children can get bored easily at times and that is a fact but why not shake things up a little and expand the types of places you normally take them?

Ok…sorry about the lecture…here is a small list of Denver museums - stuff to do in Denver:

 Strength and weakness interview

Children’s Museum-kind of focuses on learning activities ages from baby to 8 years old and though you can enjoy yourself as you get older it is really geared for that age group.
( near 21st Avenue and Zuni in West Denver)

Forney Museum-Great antique cars and over several hundred exhibits their motto is “anything on wheels” .It is a transportation museum with lots of fascinating exhibits that your kids will love.
(near Denver Stockyards on Brighton Boulevard)

Colorado History Museum-stay tuned for information regarding the new museum because the old location at 1300 Broadway across from the Central Library has been torn down.This is a popular destination for field trips and college students with fantastic exhibits like a covered wagon and a teepee. The old west feel is pretty interesting if you are not familiar with it.
(The new location is…1200 Broadway LOL.)

 Strength and weakness interview

Denver Museums of Science and Nature- a popular favorite because of the various IMAX movies and a clear focus on natural history in Colorado, as well as planet earth.

IMAX for those of you that don’t know is a kid favorite because it gives you a giant look with great picture quality.
(located near City Park off Colorado Boulevard)

Stuff to do in Denver is not just for adults!

Here is more:

Wings of the Rockies Air and Space Museum-lots of hands on activities and an impressive collection of aircraft! What kid wouldn’t like to make believe they can fly?

And this might be the next best thing.
(located east of Denver near the old Lowry Air Force Base)

Dinosaur Park-see trails and footprints where dinosaurs actually walked!

A place for children and adults alike… where you can learn about when dinosaurs walked the earth. You can learn about brontosaurus, triceratops and stegosaurus…well I don’t know if they all walked around Colorado in their day but I like dinosaurs so I wanted to show off.

Registered as a historical landmark by the National Park Service
(located in the town of Morrison west of Denver)

So there you have it…Denver Museums...stuff to do in Denver…a few places you can go that can educate and entertain you so the next time you are suffering through the winter blues and miss the great outdoors perhaps you can venture out and see some of these. I guarantee that if you don’t love these places then at least your children will!

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