Denver New Year Goal -This Year I Will…

Yes, Denver New year is coming!!!How do you set your goal?

The Denver new year brings a lot of hope for people and it also means we have an opportunity to leave the past behind. The New Year’s Resolutions is a tradition that most Americans take seriously and it is very common to hear people talk about quitting smoking, quitting drinking..losing weight..just anything that seems to be getting in the way of a happy life must be gone!

There is so much stress!!!!!!!!

The media doesn’t help because you see commercials for weight loss products or how to get out of debt. What happens when people start talking about their “promises” is they are held accountable and they have witnesses..which adds to the pressure. In some countries there is a very different view of the New Year.

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It symbolizes a new beginning and there is a focus on paying respect and honor to the spirits…I have had the good fortune to spend a few New Year’s Eves overseas and look at the holiday in a very new way and with a very positive outlook.

One of the things I like to do in Denver on New Year’s Eve is watch the fireworks because I kind of believe there are negative spirits that are chased away due to the noise.

The next day I try to spend the day reviewing the year that passed and journal about every month..what happened, was I happy?

Was I angry at some people?

Was I a good person?

If not, why not?

So after an hour or more I review every month of the previous year..then I make notes about how I want the New Year to be better than the previous year.

I don’t drink or smoke so I don’t spend time on that…those are probably the most popular New Year’s Resolutions…

What I like to do though…is look at the people in my life…my career…my goals…and my motivation. It seems to be more of a focus on the new when I see what was missing…and what I need to add.

Of course the opposite approach is to focus on what should be removed…which, in my thinking…is very can you focus on a negative?

Stuff to do in Denver on New Year’s Day is to welcome the exciting new chapter that’s approaching!

While some people want to stay up all night drinking champagne and cheering at midnight…I leave that for the party people…Me?

 Denver New Year,new years eve denver,denver new years eve,eve denver I am normally doing something a little more calm…and though I always see midnight…I am also focused on having a productive day on January 1st!

I want to come out of the gate strong and set the tone for a new life and a new way of thinking.

I used to have a boss that drank more alcohol than I thought was humanly possible…but he wasn’t happy about it since he was sick with a hangover most of the time…and from what I remember..he was not to be approached until lunchtime…and he used to say ”It is too difficult to soar with the eagles in the morning when you rolled around in the mud with the pigs the night before” So…what one of the things I do in Denver New Year is try to put things in perspective…not to get too high or too low…balance is the key for me.

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