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Denver is not a huge city….not at all but believe me, there is plenty to do!!!

If you want to go to the clubs and listen to a DJ you can hear hip hop, house, trance, electronic, reggae and more.

Most young people have a little bit of a route that they take so they can visit multiple place when they go out. Maybe hit 2 or 3 places downtown then go up to Broadway and then over to Glendale.It depends on who you are though…some people want to go to a dive bar and just shoot pool, other people want to go to a bar that has a great jukebox and good food.

If I had to guess I would say you could find all the excitement you can handle just by staying in LoDo which has bars and clubs one on top of another and you can even stay on the same street and visit 6 bars..or more, in some cases.

I like live music and I can go to one place for jazz for traditional and another for contemporary…here is a short list of great jazz places in Denver:

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El Chapultepec at 1962 Market Street-Wow…my favorite!

Soiled Dove 7401 East 1st Avenue

Jazz At Jack’s 500 16th Street

Dazzle 930 Lincoln Street

Another thing that people love about Denver nightlife is comedy!

Comedy Works downtown at 1226 15th Street which regularly gets national headliners.

Let’s quickly review the Denver nightlife dance clubs:

Beta-1909 Blake Street

The Church-1160 Lincoln Street

Vinyl-1082 Broadway

Tracks-3500 Walnut Street

LaRumba- 99 West 9th Avenue

I have to admit something here….I am not a dancer…no seriously…I could try to dance and I promise you…you could stare at me all day and not even guess that is what I’m doing…So..now that we have established that I am in no position to judge what makes a great dance club.

I can however…tell you the places I mentioned above are the hottest dance clubs in Denver..sure there are places like the Stampeded in Aurora for country line dancing…but I am talking about downtown Denver nightlife..and the places above are so hot and so popular they cannot be defined by standard labels that people put on clubs!

Does it really matter if I say one is a Latino club, Goth club, Gay club or Urban club?

No..you will see all different types of people…which is why these are good clubs..they appeal to a wide variety of people.Denver nightlife is more than dancing…you can go to lots of venues for shows.

Try these:

denver nightlife, nightlife denver,denver night life, nightlife in denverGothic Theater-3263 South Broadway

Fillmore Auditorium -1510 Clarkson Street

Bluebird Theater-3317 East Colfax Avenue

Ogden Theater-935 East Colfax Avenue

The clubs mentioned are going to offer national headliners or just other great bands from the city.

So…what do Denver people do about their nightlife?

They might go to a bar and meet friends…and grab something to eat in the process…head over to Sancho’s Broken Arrow, Candle Light or PS Lounge to see what I mean..comfortable hang outs that will ramp you up slowly to a night out on the town.

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