Denver places to live for Student

Best Denver places to live for Student

There are many neighborhoods to live in Denver and I will give you an overview on several and you can see what works best for you.

First...let’s start out with students…assuming they are in college and the Auraria Campus is where they go. The campus itself is centrally located on the edge of downtown Denver at the intersection of Speer Boulevard and Colfax Avenue. This is not a huge residential area but it is convenient anyway…if you wanted to limit your commute to less than 30 minutes you have many areas to choose from.

 Denver places to live,Where to live in Denver,living on campus and living off campusWhere is the best Denver places to live …well…first let’s look at Capitol Hill:

Capitol Hill is where young and trendy folks find great places to shop, eat, drink and whatever else they want to do. If you are older you will feel at home there as well and for decades it has been home to a large population of folks that don’t want to be trapped in the mainstream.

Me personally…I don’t have green hair or ride a skateboard...I have no tattoos nor any piercings…but I can walk on any street in Capitol Hill and feel comfortable. The only things that prevent me from living there are a rather messy parking situation…the need for a permit may lessen some unauthorized parkers but you are still left with a bad situation.

I guess another reason is the fact that it can be home to some edgy characters…which normally doesn’t bother me...if…I am just passing through...but ask me to live in a noisy building with people pestering me as I come and go...well I don’t like it…and in my mind there are some borders within the neighborhood.

I like the 9th Avenue to 12th Avenue from north to south and Logan Street to Ogden Street.

Another Denver places to live that you might not be aware of when deciding where to live in Denver is Governor’s Park.

 Denver places to live,Where to live in Denver,living on campus and living off campusIt is safer than Capitol Hill yet directly south...I think 8th Avenue from Grant Street to Corona Street and instead of using 6th Avenue Parkway as a border I prefer to use Speer Boulevard as a more accurate division of neighborhoods.

South of Speer is a very good Denver places to live …many apartment buildings yet it is quiet and you may find it can be a little isolated without much within walking distance. Quiet areas will be less convenient…of course…but if you are able to park your car or catch a bus a couple of times an hour you have the best of both worlds. The borders are Alameda Avenue to the south and Downing Street to Broadway.

Within this neighborhood…which doesn’t really have a name…is a little artist community of young hipsters close to Broadway. The bars and shops are clustered around 1st Avenue and Ellsworth.

For those folks that have children you may want to look at the radius within the school districts you want and look within that area. The thinking in Denver is that there is the Cherry Creek School District and everything else is less desirable…I don’t know about all that but that’s what I hear people saying lately.

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