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One of the great things about eating in downtown Denver Restaurants Steak is you can count on the quality being quite good because of the fierce competition.

It is difficult for a bad Denver Restaurants Steak to stay in business…that makes perfect sense…but what about the decent or average restaurants?

Well in Denver those types of places get a fast reputation and don’t survive either…so what do we have left?

Good and great restaurants…simply put...downtown Denver restaurants are so good you can’t go wrong.

One example that comes to mind is the classic steakhouse restaurant….and because Denver has always had a “meat and potatoes” reputation it makes sense that you can find a steakhouse for almost any budget…almost.

Let me explain what I mean by “meat and potatoes”…it means basic and not fancy food…or down to earth.

The opposite of that is upscale cuisine that has tiny portions of food.

In the downtown Denver restaurant scene there are some chain restaurants and some independents but they are all good. One of my favorites is a place called Bastien’s and it is fun. It has a reputation of being proud of its old fashioned atmosphere and is frequently called the hip place that the Rat Pack would go to if they were still around.

What was the Rat Pack?

It was the symbol of cool back in the 1960’s…it was what every man wanted to be and what every woman wanted to associate with. The members were singers and Hollywood stars.

The main one was of course Frank Sinatra and the others were Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis Junior.

They were Las Vegas icons and were the coolest…

Why is that important?

Well, for the same reason why people like decorating their house a certain way or why they can walk into a restaurant and decide right away if they feel comfortable.

Basically, people in Denver like to focus on atmosphere and comfort and who doesn’t like a very cool place that reminds them of a simpler time.

Anyway…Bastien’s is on Colfax near Madison Street and they are famous for the “sugar steak”

A couple of other places that I love…Sullivan’s Steak House at 1745 Wazee Street and their neighbor Morton’s of Chicago at 1710 Wazee Street.

Both are good and I have only been there on super special occasions because of the price but they were great. I give the edge to Sullivan’s because of the size of their steaks.

Elway’s (yes, that one...John Elway) has a few locations but the one downtown at 1881 Curtis Street is just as good as the one in Cherry Creek.

Denver Chop House and Brewery is much loved for a lot of reasons…I like how they feed the hungry during the holidays…but they are fantastic in other ways too.1795 19th Street is their address. They do fine scotches and all that fancy stuff.

Denver Restaurants Steak may be new and fancy but let us not forget one of the oldest and most loved places in Denver …Buckhorn Exchange where you can get great food and not just steak…you can get buffalo too.

One warning though…all of these places give you good portions so bring your appetite!

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