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Denver Taxi-Yellow Cab and Metro Taxi

There are many taxi companies in Denver and quite a few taxi alternatives from the airport, including shuttle services both public and private.

One time to use taxis is the airport but another time is when you are a tourist and trying to get to your destination from your hotel. In that case…it works best if you are downtown since Denver is not really a typical city in the sense that it is too spread out to be serviced by good taxi coverage.

Denver taxi companies are used frequently by night club visitors and weekend party people in need of a safe ride home after a night on the town.

denver taxi, denver airport taxi, denver taxi service,denver airport taxi service The problem for an out of towner is when they stray too far from the city center and discover that Denver is so spread out it is simply too expensive or just not practical.


I was stranded out in the south part of Denver during a was a weekend and there was no bus service or any way to be picked up from someone I knew…So I called 3 taxi companies…all of them said the same thing:

They were busy with stranded motorists…but that didn’t really matter since they didn’t service that area anyway.

Denver taxi companies charge by what is on the meter which means you can’t negotiate a flat rate…such as “If I give you $40, can you take me from point A to point B?”

denver taxi, denver airport taxi, denver taxi service,denver airport taxi service As far as getting from the airport to downtown you will soon find out how far away the city is…you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$60 depending on your destination!

The shuttle services might be a better bet if you are not too exhausted to walk around and obtain pricing from various companies.

For instance…when you arrive at the airport after going to baggage claim you will see numerous signs for “ground transportation” and that is where the cars line up to service the new arrivals. It is a competitive business so expect a little negotiation to take place. Sometimes the taxi companies act pretty organized and take turns depending on who got there first..and they will politely point toward their competitor for you to use them.

denver taxi, denver airport taxi, denver taxi service,denver airport taxi service In many countries this is not the is a mad dash to elbow each other out of the way to get the customer…and at the airport you will see that on occasion during peak times.

I have only used two Denver taxi companies over the years and enjoyed decent service with no problems. But…I have also started to get in a cab a few times and immediately got out when I sensed something was wrong…in my seemed like they were kind of rude and kept changing their mind about whether they knew the area I was going..or they had a “friend” riding with them and I didn’t feel comfortable being outnumbered when all I wanted to do was just unwind after a long flight…and not have to compete for attention with the passenger keeping them company..

Yellow Cab and Metro Taxi are a couple of good companies that know what they are doing…there might be many more that are good but if I haven’t tried them I can’t really say.

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