Denver University Recreation Center

The Denver University Recreation Center is (also known as DU Recreation - Ritchie Center) an excellent resource offering individual and group activities. Some of the activities offered include swimming, hockey and personal training but with the Coors Fitness Center you can experience a personalized, educated approach to fitness.

The best thing to do is to schedule a tour and take a look at what is available and see what level of participation suits you and then sign up. Many people find the group activities are more than enough to keep them busy and focus on the structure of scheduled activities. It is a comprehensive list of offerings, so whether you want a nationally certified trainer to give you personalized attention or get involved in their group activities you will never be bored!

The group activities are:

Group Fitness Class Schedule

    Class Descriptions

    30 Minute Cardio Express

    30 Minute Power Sculpt

    45 Minute Express Circuit

    75 Minute Yoga

    Ab Blast

    Body Blitz

    Body Physique


    Cardio Confusion


    Core - Ruption

    Experienced Yoga

    Extreme Lift

    Gentle Pilates

    Hatha Yoga

    Intro to Yoga

    Mat Pilates

    Pilates Power Yoga

    Step & Pump

    Will Power & Grace



    Zumba Toning

The comprehensive list of group activities is just the beginning of what you can do at the Denver University Recreation Center…Students at University of Denver (DU), families, and others are all able to enjoy a first class facility designed to promote health and wellness.

The youth program is also quite popular, take a look:

School Days Off

    P.A.S.S. Camp

    Birthday Parties

    Learn to Play Basketball

    Learn to Skate

    Learn to Swim

    Learn Gymnastics

    Hilltoppers Swimming

    Jr. Pioneers Hockey

    Jr. Pioneers Gymnastics

DU Recreation offers a variety of “Learn to” programs for children ages 18 months and up. Whether your child wants to become a competitive athlete or just develop a fundamental understanding of sport, our “Learn to” programs provide developmental opportunities in the following sports:






So, what is the Coors Fitness Center?

Is it the same as the Denver University Recreation Center?

Yes…it is a part of the DU Recreation Center…more specifically: As a member of the Coors Fitness Center, you have access to one of the best fitness facilities in Denver. Your membership not only includes access to the Coors Fitness Center but also an Olympic size pool, outdoor tennis courts, racquetball and squash courts, group fitness classes, and more.

At the Coors Fitness Center, they are committed to our members and provide a variety of fitness options. They take an educational approach to fitness and view it as a lifestyle choice. The Coors Fitness Center has a team of fitness professionals, including Personal Trainers, Member Advisors, and a Registered Dietitian, dedicated to keeping their members active and achieving their fitness goals.

In addition to the Coors Fitness Center, members have access to a variety of fitness opportunities including:

    Weekly Group Fitness Classes

    Weekly Public Skate, Drop In Hockey, and Stick & Puck sessions

    A variety of Fitness Facilities

    Fitness Resources and Tips

Denver University Recreation Center is an excellent resource!

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