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In Denver people can getting deals yard sales and garage sales throughout the year because the weather can be very mild….and in the winter months you can normally find something every weekend.

Denver activities are easy to find because there are so many neighborhoods with their own flavor that you should never be bored!

I really enjoy going to yard sales and finding collectible things at a good price and once you discover where to go you will find that Denver is a great place to find your treasure. Here is a rough outline of where to go if one of your Denver activities is to save money.

 Getting deals,getting the deal through,get the deals,Garage Sales in Denver Start by looking at the newspaper and see if any listings for the upcoming weekend have garage sales…also check for estate sales (normally inside someone’s house with everything labeled and organized by a paid staff member)and yard sales.

Like the name says...a yard sale is when a family puts things for sale in their yard and a garage sale is when they put most of the things in the garage…but in this case...the names are interchangeable.

The estate sale is a lot different...because in many cases you are dealing with a staff member hired by the former home owner and they cannot really negotiate or tell you the selling points of the item. My experience is that you have to be very well behaved and not try to get a discount.

The term “early bird” is what every person familiar with a yard sale is tempted to do. That’s when you go early and try to get the best selection…and beat the crowd…but you probably will not be welcome. In fact, you will probably see signs warning.. “no early birds”

 Getting deals,getting the deal through,get the deals,Garage Sales in Denver Denver activities for the seasoned collector would not be complete without going to the thrift stores and yard sales.

Let’s look at the thrift stores first…There are a few on Broadway and they are very popular for clothes but you can get other things there as well. There is the ARC on South Broadway at about the 1500 block and then there are some others that are good but not as popular.

One of the best is out in Cherry Creek on Leetsdale and Cherry Street…people love this one because Cherry Creek is kind of an upscale area and when those people donate stuff it is always quality.

For housewares it is fantastic but I actually go on West Colfax and West Alameda to those store because they are so busy they always have a new supply of inventory so when you see something you better act on it!

On West Alameda go a little west of Federal Boulevard and you will see an ARC Store on Hooker Street….go further down past Sheridan Boulevard and you will see DAV which is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside.

From there you should continue going west until you get to Wadsworth Boulevard and then head north toward Colfax Avenue. There are some smaller thrift stores in that area as you go down Colfax and they are probably more collectible things than most thrift stores would sell.

The secret to getting deals Good?

Show your appreciation for the item…don’t put them on the spot by asking for a discount with other people nearby…because if you embarrass them they won’t like it…and if they say something with someone else listening they are sort of obligated to help them too…Be pays off!

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