Hamburgers Denver -Making some trips to my favorite places

Hamburgers Denver

Downtown Denver restaurants have all different types of food and the thing that I want to tell that you need to venture out sometimes to get basic food. There are many different types of ethnic food places but where can you get a good burger?

If I won the lottery and had an unlimited hamburger budget to spend..and it was in Denver..I would be okay.

Let’s say every day I was contractually obligated to eat a order to collect my lottery winnings..would I get tired of burgers?

Hamburgers Denver restaurants have many good burger places but let me start out by making some trips to my favorite places a little on the edge of downtown and then I will circle back downtown.

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First I will run over to 1st and Federal and go to Grandpa’s Burger Haven…no where to sit but it is good enough and cheap enough (whoops..inexpensive..not cheap) to buy two right away. It is an old fashioned hamburger stand where you walk up to a window and place your order.

I will eat one standing up because it is too messy for the car..and I really don’t want to wait…it is as good as I remember so I bail out before I buy a third hamburger.

Next I will run over to Crown Burger on Colorado Boulevard…I will get one of their specialties…the one with pastrami on top!I will not try to eat this in one sitting..I will cut it into thirds.. but even that is too much for this tower of a burger.Next I will go to Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek…I will sit down and eat whatever they put in front of me…

Then I will run over to Broadway and go to Griff’ is sort of before you get to the interstate..Good old fashioned burger kind of a picture perfect old fashioned burger..I get mine to go.After sleeping for a few hours I wake up with visions of burgers in my head and I go to…My Brother’s Bar…on 15th Street over the bridge as you leave downtown.

Downtown Denver restaurants always compete for business..and of course..everyone has a sign advertising their business…except for these guys!

 Hamburgers Denver,Downtown Denver restaurants ,denver hamburgersWhat are they doing…well, it doesn’t matter because they have done a very steady business for many years..all without a sign..Their burgers are simple..yet creative..

Does that make sense?

They are savory and just about perfect…I always resist eating more than one in a sitting…but believe is a temptation.The burgers are possibly the best in Denver..but I don’t know..Grandpa’s seems to be pretty addictive.

Next I run over to the DU area and see if Spanky’s Roadhouse is as good as I remember…the roadhouse atmosphere is interesting…Oh..I can’t believe I forgot!

If I am going to eat a burger a day I need to remember that French fries are crucial!

I don’t want sweet potato fries or super fancy fries…I want basic but great Gyro’s Place on Colfax…

I seem to remember Mercury Café is one Hamburgers Denver restaurant that has great fries/potatoes..and that place..I’m in trouble..whatever I have had there has been terrific.

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