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What is housecleaning?

What is housekeeping?

I have known many housecleaning folks over the years and I have also known may customers of housecleaning services.

Oddly enough, they seem to have very different ways of viewing the responsibilities and it creates misunderstandings.

The main point of contention is the list of duties and responsibilities…

Simple right?

Well…it should be.

 House cleaning Denver

If I hire a housecleaning service and they spend 2 minutes asking me what I need….and then they spend half an hour telling me all the things they won’t do…then it’s a power struggle and I;m not interested in a business arrangement that doesn’t allow my participation.


I say I am not home very often and I sometimes don’t have time to clean before the housecleaners get there…and I would like to just have them understand that…if you need to charge a little more…then fine…no problem.

I just don’t want a lecture on how inconvenient it is that I haven’t prepared for them…after all it is my house…I live there…it is not your work station!

So...if I have to worry about finding the time to organize my house so that my housecleaner is happy…I would rather have another service do it.

If you don’t like dealing with dishes or pots and pans…I understand that…we can find a way around that….I may still use your service but I want you to remember…we have to work together…I am not going to take commands from the service I’m paying..They are not the employer...I am.

If you don’t want to work together I will find someone who wants the job.

On a lighter note…if you remember you are a guest in my home…and you show respect for my belongings and don’t treat them like they’re in the way…I will be a loyal customer and probably recommend you to my friends.

House cleaning Denver is pretty much a word of mouth business…all the flyers and discounts in the world don’t mean anything to me if you insist on doing it your way…or arguing with me and being defensive when I try to participate in my business dealings…you may know housecleaning better than me because that’s your business…but I know my home better than you.

House cleaning Denver can be very profitable….I promise you…people want to tell their friends about you…it makes us look good when we hire the right company…and we want to have our friends enjoy good service too!

So we are quick to recommend you and refer your business…you don’t have to give discounts…people want comfort…not price...we want to know you will not break anything or remove anything…and if you give us a clean and beautiful home without arguing or cancelling we will pay top dollar every single time and your business will grow without any marketing effort.

Housecleaning in Denver is a good deal for both parties involved.If you want to find a good Housecleaner in Denver you can ask your friends for a referral or you can do some research and see if there are some that are rated.

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