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Limousine service Denver review is based on a number of factors ranging from efficiency, cleanliness and attitude to friendliness during the drive. Believe it or not, these following questions are so simple and basic it shouldn’t even be a problem…but you would be surprised how many times a limousine service in Denver failed the test.

Do they know where they are going?

Do they pick you up on time?

Are they on the phone with a personal call instead of letting you talk?

(What if you have an important question but you are afraid to “interrupt” them?)

Do they get you there on time?

Do they argue with you over which route to take?

Do you ruin your clothes after sitting on a dirty seat?

These questions weed out many limo companies because they don’t pay attention to details…In fact, just because somebody owns a couple of big fancy cars and has a business license doesn’t make them a limousine company!

My nightmare and the reason why I’m writing this…

I hired a company (no, I won’t use their name) to take me to the airport…I called 2 days in advance to make a reservation and gave directions to my home. I left 2 phone numbers in the event there were any questions.

I was to be picked up at 8 am for a 12:30 flight and because I had extra luggage and it was an international flight with the airport an hour away I wanted to have plenty of time.

When I made the reservation I said I wanted to be at the airport at 9am at the latest and if there were any questions about getting there on time then pick me up before 8am.

I was assured they make the trip to airport every day and are quite capable of providing excellent service.

The driver showed up 30 minutes late with a bad attitude…he said he didn’t call because he was busy. When we started the trip he smoked in the car with the window down and the music turned up…and was on the phone to his mother.

As he turned onto a street famous for bumper to bumper traffic that time of day I asked him to take the highway instead because it is faster. He reminded me he knew how to do his job and with a sick mother the last thing he needs is trouble with a customer and he has the right to refuse service. I assured him I simply wanted to get to the airport on time and his shortcut might be great but not that time of day.

I missed my flight and could have avoided the costly adjustments by doing my homework.

Limousine service Denver review has a list of suggested companies if you want to save yourself a headache.

Try these instead:

007 Airport Limousine

A Active Limousine

Maverick Car Service

Total Transportation

On Demand Transport

My story is not uncommon and it happens when we ignore the warning signs…do your homework!

Limousine service Denver review is a helpful way to stay out of trouble.

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