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Many years ago the downtown area of Denver was dark, dirty and dangerous. The only thing it was known for was a few pawn shops and flophouses. The historic buildings were in danger of being destroyed one by one…and though some were demolished people decided to do something about it and preserve the beautiful buildings. In 1988 a membership organization was formed to protect the area and because it is Lower Downtown, they shortened it to LoDo.

The area began to feature great tours, some bars and restaurants that were all full of energy and soon a hip nightspot was born.

Downtown Denver restaurants started to think that LoDo was the place to be.

Places to dance, hear music…all of a sudden it was the place to be and when Coors Field opened in 1995 and things went nuts!

You can’t imagine what it was like for people in Denver to see the explosion of people downtown…it was like we became a real city and not a “cowtown”

The easy access from Coors Field to LoDo made it a popular meeting place before and after the baseball game.

But enough of how LoDo got started…let’s eat at lodo Denver restaurants!

Speaking of Coors Field let’s see what’s on Blake Street… Lodo Denver restaurants are easy to find in Downtown.

How about some Spanish food?

We can get tapas with some wine at the 9th Door on 1808 Blake Street which has a beautiful interior and creative menu…

Or…we can try the Celtic Tavern because what city isn’t complete with 100 Irish Taverns…LOL... but seriously, there is a reason for that of course....because the food is always good and you will always have major fun at an Irish Tavern. They are located at 1801 Blake Street.

Next we will go to ChoLon Bistro at 15th Street and Blake, I like this place because it reminds me of some of my travels overseas. ChoLon is a huge district of Chinese people in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The times I went to that part of the city I was overwhelmed with all the sights and smells and the markets…it was wild…but fun.

Okay...this place is great because they have style....lots of it...they know how to cook. I love the fact that when a classically trained chef has all that discipline and they decide to make brave choices with creative stuff…like a small bites menu or a wok menu and other things…very good food...but good people too. Downtown Denver restaurants are more fun in LoDo!

Before we turn off Blake Street let’s see what’s going on at Vesta Dipping Grill at 1822 Blake Street. I love this place…but you will have to go on your own...because words don’t describe how great their food is.

Well how about taking a break from eating and grab a beer at Sports Column?

They have burgers and salads…which are very good but the atmosphere is what I like the best...high energy. They are at 1930 Blake Street.

Okay, let’s go over to Wazee Street and see what we are missing…Wow…Rodizio Grill is right there at 1801 Wazee!

They are a Brazilian Steakhouse with rotisserie grilled meat…and the food is incredible!

Later we should go to McCormick’s Fish House and Bar at 1659 Wazee Street and end up at Wazee Lounge on 15th Street for pizza!

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