Malls in Denver Colorado

Malls in Denver Colorado are as varied as most cities I have been to and it is a matter of taste for the consumer to decide what they want their shopping experience to be like.

For some people they want things for their children to do and they also want easy parking and if they have to make some sacrifices to enjoy those conveniences they will.

For other shoppers they want to be able to go a short distance from the city center so they can travel a short distance after work or from their home.

Malls in Denver Colorado,mall denver,denver malls,denver colorado mall There are also the super shoppers that want to be able to string together multiple malls in one day so they can get all their shopping needs met.

Malls in Denver Colorado can be a little spread out so here is what I have done in the past when I was a little crazy and eager to cover as much ground as possible. It was a few years ago when I got my income tax return and thought I should spend every penny of it in one weekend…

First stop Cherry Creek Mall…but I think the official name is Cherry Creek Shopping Center..though you rarely hear anyone call it that…

Legend has it…that it was the site of a landfill many years ago and was in need of something to be used for…so they built a mall on top of it and it opened in 1990.

At the time it was thought of as the best of the best and it made us Denverites feel like we had arrived as a sophisticated city!

Malls in Denver Colorado,mall denver,denver malls,denver colorado mall Sak’s Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus signaled the start of Denver’s arrival of a first class city for shopping. The mall had plenty going on for all ages whether you wanted to go to the old Tower Records nearby or the movie theater inside the mall. The older crowd loved it because it was big enough inside you could walk around and exercise in the air conditioning and not run out of things to see for an hour or two.

Next stop Park Meadows…located south of the city near Centennial and a fancy boutique type of shopping experience…high end stores and lots of younger folks. Over the years it went from a mall to a huge neighborhood of stores piled up on one another so you can shop for hours without actually ever reaching the mall itself.

After that I headed west and went to Southwest Plaza which…like the name south and west of Denver…this is another series of streets that contain many stores everywhere…

I decided I was getting a little sentimental for a good old fashioned shopping experience where I could travel from one store to another by foot…I found a couple…

In this day and age it is a car culture where people want to get in their car and go from one place to another and drive down street and see their stores lined parking lot at a time…

Malls in Denver Colorado have it all…Bel Mar, Aspen Grove and Colorado Mills offer the outdoor “lifestyle experience” and the other malls I mentioned offer the more traditional experience. People like the malls here because truly there is something for everyone!

16th Street Mall -A reason to go every day of the week.

In 1982 the 16th Street Mall in Denver Colorado opened to cheers of many who never realized what a difference it would make!


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