Happy New Years in Denver

Get ready for New Years in Denver

In Denver they think of everything including how to celebrate the New Year early enough so the children can see the fireworks but still go to bed at a decent hour.

There is plenty of stuff to do in the month of January but let’s focus on New Years in Denver events first.

What I like to do is go to the 16th Street Mall (they never tell you exactly where on the mall though) and watch the fireworks…you have your choice of a 9 pm show or the more traditional midnight show.

What makes it so great is that there are so many people down there but since you don’t know where to stand for the best view you end up walking everywhere seeing where the best spot might be. I like to people watch and since people are generally happy on New Year’s Eve it makes it more interesting.Some of the other stuff to do on New Year’s is to go to the Children’s Museum and get your kids ready for the New Year. They call this Noon Year LOL. The ball drops every hour between 10 am and 3 pm.

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The Grizzly Rose out on the North Valley Highway has one huge party on New Year’s with a free midnight buffet!

The Grizzly Rose is known for the music of course and New Year’s Eve is no exception…watch out for the $5000 prize giveaway!January is a great time to be in Denver and over the years it seems like the very best thing to do in January is the Stock Show!

The National Western Stock Show is from January 7th through the 22nd.

Stuff to do in January is everywhere but the fun you have at the Stock Show is the best Denver has to offer!

Horse shows, rodeo, petting zoo…it has something for everyone!

 new years in denver,denver new years,denver new years eveIt all starts off with the parade downtown along 17th Street on January 5th…Imagine seeing all of those cars having to stop to let the Longhorn cattle go through LOL.

Oh…before I forget…how about a short list of FREE DAYS at some great places.

Denver Art Museum 14th Avenue and Acoma

(behind the Central Library) January 1, 2012

Denver Botanic Gardens 1007 York Street- January 17, 2012 Denver Museum of Nature and Science

2001 Colorado Boulevard- January 9, 2012 and January 31, 2012 Denver Zoo 2300 Steele Street January 8, 2012 and January 24, 2012

Some other places offer deep discounts so make sure you read the newspaper (Denver Post) or check online. I think Denver center for The Performing Arts has a Tuesday discount as well.

Stuff to do in Denver?

No problem in January!

I think New Year’s Eve is a very special time and I don’t know about you but I am prepared to greet the year 2012 with a big cheer since 2011 has been good but not worth keeping.

I believe in luck sometimes…and especially around the New Year so I will chase out the old to make room for the new!

New Years in Denver Goal -This Year I Will…

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