Find good Pastries Denver place

Looking for Denver Desserts and Pastries Denver ingredients?

If I had to start a downtown Denver restaurant I would think long and hard about what people want that they can never get enough of..


Well you can get that anywhere.


Not a big deal to find good vegetables.

Ethnic food?

You can find it if you look for it.

Desserts? that is not the easiest thing to find…and if I started a Pastries Denver restaurant it would have to have amazing, mouth watering desserts.

 Pastries Denver,bakery denver,denver dessert,dessert denverI would have to do my homework though and see who my completion is…and I would have to have an open mind and see if I could “borrow” ideas from the very best places in town…some might be regular restaurants and some might be tiny take out places with nowhere to sit.

I might not be able to represent every ethnicity in Denver but I can try!

I would need a really good flan which is a custard dish and then some pudding cake..

I would have to make a trip to Rosales Mexican Bakery near 26th Avenue and Federal Boulevard…

one thing about Pastries Denver ..they are uniformly good..the ones that are not good just will not survive for long..and I can even go to a Mexican supermarket on South Federal and get a good empanada…

so..that being said..try Rosales which might be the best Mexican Bakery in Denver.

Next I would have to make a trip to the Mercury Café near 22nd Avenue and California Street downtown.

This hipster hangout has great food for vegans, gluten free eaters and everyone else..and their desserts are great..chocolate..fruit..anything you get will be good.

Next will be the Omonoia Greek Bakery next to Gyro’s Place and East High School on East Colfax Avenue.I need to say this…I cannot go there as often as I like…because I feel like an is a part of myself I struggle is a weakness that I have…seriously..if I go there more than half a dozen times a year than I know I am not recovered…because the same thing happens every time…I finish whatever I buy in one day..and I buy a lot..

Baklava, chocolate apricot cookies, pineapple turnovers, honey is possibly the best bakery in East Denver..

 Pastries Denver,bakery denver,denver dessert,dessert denverThen I will hop over to West Denver and see Vinh Xuong Bakery…I think their moon cake is remarkably consistent..for all the varieties of moon cake they have..the quality is great..I get great pleasure from shopping there.

Across the plaza (Far East Center/Alameda and Federal) is Celestial Bakery which has winter melon cookies and a dozen of other things like red mean cake that are all pretty great.

I used to go to Racine’s on 6th Avenue and seem to remember their desserts were very good and you felt like their brownie parfait was something you never wanted to end.

Amira Bakery is located near Colorado Boulevard and Evans Avenue…and believe me..a Middle Eastern Bakery is a wonderful experience..the smells and the is great isn’t it?

When I wake up from my fantasy of my desserts of the world at one of my downtown Denver restaurants I will have some bread from Amira’s Bakery.

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