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In Denver we are lucky to have so many professional sports teams to watch and over the years we have had some winners too!

The Denver Nuggets are the basketball team and they play in the National Basketball Association or NBA.

Originally they were in the American Basketball Association and the ABA was known for a high scoring schoolyard style of play.

The Denver Nuggets were one of the best examples of that throughout the late 1970’s in the ABA and in the 1980’s in the NBA.

The team was also good in the years that followed…

The hockey team is the Colorado Avalanche who moved to Colorado in 1995 after being known as the Quebec Nordiques for many years. The Colorado Avalanche were big winners after arriving, winning the Stanley Cup Championship in 1996 and 2001.

The Pepsi Center is their home and it opened in 1999 to a large and supporting crowd. Before that, both teams played their home games at McNichols Sports Arena which was next to the football stadium and didn’t seem to be well suited for basketball or hockey.

 pepsi center in denver, the pepsi center denver, denver co pepsi center  The Pepsi Center in Denver changed all that by bringing a better place to watch live sports because you can see the action much easier.

One of the things that the Pepsi Center in Denver does very well has nothing to do with sports…it does a great job hosting concerts. It can hold 20,000 people!

The capacity for hockey and basketball is roughly 18,000 for hockey and 19,155 for basketball.

In some of the older stadiums it was always difficult to see things easily because the sight lines were cluttered with distractions….The Pepsi Center is not only easy to see but the sound is pretty good also.

 pepsi center in denver, the pepsi center denver, denver co pepsi center  It better be if they have concerts there…

The very first event at the Pepsi Center was a Celine Dion concert and during that time there weren’t too many concerts more popular than Celine Dion.

Some of the other concerts of note in the early part of 2012 are Van Halen and Roger Waters…

Some of the other events besides basketball, hockey and lacrosse are the Women’s College Basketball Final 4 and the Monster Jam which is a showcase for trucks.

I never thought Denver would get all these sports facilities but I am happy that we have an impressive place to see any sport:
Sports Authority Field for the Denver Broncos (football)
Pepsi Center for Denver Nuggets (basketball), Colorado mammoth (lacrosse)
Coors Field for Colorado Rockies (baseball)
The owner of the Pepsi Center is Stan Kroenke who is also the owner of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche.

So besides the concerts and the sports teams that have made their home at the Pepsi Center the biggest event that ever took place was…The 2008 Democratic Convention.

The process of being considered for the Democratic Convention can be quite competitive and out of the 35 major cities that were invited to bid only 11 cities responded. The result of the economic impact turned out to be over $250 million to the area.

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