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Regis University is one of 28 Jesuit schools of higher learning in America and contains 3 schools all dedicated to educating undergraduates and graduates using the Jesuit model.

What is the Jesuit model?

St. Ignatius one of the most esteemed Catholics in the Counter Reformation….oh wait…let’s just talk about the school itself…a shortcut to understand Jesuit education is this…

Restoring the Catholic tradition through education for all..Catholic and non Catholics alike 400 years ago understood the world was changing and education would try to provide a framework to understand the world as it transitioned through a difficult time of crisis.

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Preparing men and women to be of service…

Okay..where was I?

There 3 schools…I said that but did I tell you what they were/are?

Regis College-a residential college for liberal arts majors, pre professionals and Masters programs for teachers and biomedical folks.

Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions-just like it sounds..certificate and degree programs for the study/students of health professions…pharmacy, nursing,etc

College for Professional Studies-online and classroom options for graduate students.

Regis University is consistently ranked in the top 15 universities in America and sort of has a reputation of being particularly well networked with non profits…both training and support.

Regis has been around for a long time!

Founded in 1877 in Las Vegas, New Mexico and then settled in the Denver area in the Highlands neighborhood.

Today it has campuses in Nevada and a few in Colorado.. Interlocken at Broomfield, Colorado Springs, Denver Tech Center, Aurora,Thornton…and Loveland.

People that are working are handled very carefully and Regis offers a schedule that enhances your career potential without disrupting your schedule…if you want to take online classes..go ahead..but if you are like me and thrive on the interaction with students and professors you might want to take their classes in the classroom.

 Regis University, webster university online,colorado online universityOnce a week you go in for a 4 hour class at a fully accredited school and you get your education on track and graduate on time. Another option is to do their variable intensives…2 months of weekends...but be warned..8 hours a day on both weekend days is a little intense…don’t ask me how I know LOL.

The “Directed Study” option is perfect for graduate students that have the initiative to put together an aggressive learning plan and also put their “money where their mouth is”It forces one to develop areas of study that are squarely focused on what you want to do after you graduate..and since grad school is about will value researching something you have a personal stake in!

Check out the main campus on Lowell and 50th Avenue and walk the grounds and you will see as beautiful a campus as any we have in the state…you will hear the student radio station blaring tastefully at the student center as you walk outside.

You can choose to attend worship without any pressure whatsoever..or you can just explore some of the interfaith meetings..either problem!

Regis University is an outstanding higher education facility and in my mind..the gold standard for human services and social sciences..yet people tell me the health professions majors are the happiest!

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