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Guide For Stuff to do in Denver -Let’s Go to the Market

There is an incredible amount of things to do in Denver and one of them is getting out and seeing what there is to eat!

I am not an athlete but I should start thinking about becoming one because in this town I eat way too much and I can’t possibly exercise enough to keep my weight off and nowadays I don’t even try LOL.

The problem isn’t really restaurants…even though there are several hundred I have been to…and it isn’t the bakeries…and I do like those...the problem quite frankly is me.

I have a lot of discipline in some areas of my life…but almost none when it comes to food…and the fact that I know how to get almost any kind of food in Denver has been more of a curse than a blessing.

 Stuff to do in Denver ,things to do denver,denver things to do,activities in denverI like stuff to do in Denver and the fact that I really like food and buying it from some of the markets around town is always one of my favorite things to do. The food I like best is Asian and I am pretty lucky to live in a city that offers me several types of Asian food.

Let’s go to the market…you will be tired from all the running around but I promise will thank me for it.

Downtown is where you will find the Pacific Mercantile…also known as “Sakura Square” which, by the way, is the name of the location...a small, multi level complex in downtown Denver that houses a grocery store consisting of mostly Japanese products as well as senior housing and some doctor’s offices and a restaurant here and there.

Inside the grocery you will notice a smallish freezer section and a small aisle of produce. Turn the corner and you will see a seafood counter with a fair amount of customers being served. You can expect high quality ingredients whatever you buy!

Next I have to show you two of my favorite markets because if you are asking me to be your tour guide for stuff to do in Denver you must do it my way LOL.

We will go over to Alameda Avenue and go a few blocks west of Sheridan Boulevard where we see Viet Hoa. Now before you tell me you don’t know if you can go shopping in a place you can’t pronounce. I can give you a tiny lesson…Hoa rhymes with “Ma” and you say it like “h-wah”..okay? But try not to worry about it..they will not quiz you LOL.

Here you will find primarily Vietnamese products and the place is pretty big…if it is not here…you might not even need it.Okay…let’s go east on Alameda to Pacific Ocean near Zuni Street a little east of Federal Boulevard.

 Stuff to do in Denver ,things to do denver,denver things to do,activities in denverThis is a little of everything with considerable interest to Chinese shoppers. The produce and meat and everything are easy to find and it has a general purpose product line has something for everyone.

But…we are not done yet…we have to go to H Mart…and I’m sorry if you got tired from spending hours upon hours looking at the other markets…I know you wanted stuff to do in Denver…we might have to save H Mart for another is simply to big to go if you are tired…It is not just Korean products…it is not just housewares…or produce…it is like the Sam’s Club of Asian markets…get your rest!

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