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Sushi in Denver Review

I know a little about sushi and I know a lot about geography…
So…I should tell you…Denver does not have an ocean….nor is it famous for seafood!

But that will not prevent you from enjoying excellent seafood and sushi which is a very popular thing to do in Denver.
One of the trends in sushi restaurants is the “all you can eat” style…with a little bit of a twist.


You plan on ordering 10 different varieties of sushi with your 2 other friends…

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A party of 3 people can pay a flat fee of $14 (or something) per person and eat as many items as they want….if they want 10 plates or doesn’t matter as long as they finish what they order.

Not as easy as it sounds!

If you don’t finish then you end up paying full price which might mean $40 (or something) so you have to be careful. Things to do in Denver don’t have to be expensive.

What happens is you are so busy enjoying one variety that you ignore the dishes that you don’t like as much…so there is pressure from your friends to have discipline LOL.

When people think sushi in Denver the first word seems to be Sushi Den. It is actually quite good and deserves its reputation and they fly in zillions of pounds of fresh fish every week.But there are so many great places to eat and things to do in Denver!

Here is a partial list.

 sushi in denver,sushi den denver,sushi denver,sushi restaurants in denverSushi Den 1487 South Pearl Street

Hapa Sushi-several locations throughout Denver…these folks are creative and fun but the food is done by serious professionals.

Sonoda’s 1620 Market Street

Banzai Sushi 6655 Leetsdale near Glendale

Domo 1365 Osage Street near Auraria campus

Now that you have your list you can expect to have an adventure!Go with an open mind and enjoy the experience because if you start your journey with an attitude you will miss out on a lot of fun and terrific flavors.

Okay…here is an easy way to enjoy it…

Forget about what your previous experience with seafood is or was…sushi is is still fish of course…but it is not an overpowering fishy flavor…instead it is a delicate roll of rice and it is a little more than a hint of is a gentle introduction of a flavor actually.

You can add ginger and wasabi for additional flavor too.
Part of the fun of eating sushi is trying something new and seeing the beautiful atmosphere that reminds you that you are trying something healthy and yet uncommon.

Sushi in Denver is concentrated in an area that is mostly central and then south and east of the city.

Aurora has a very large Asian population and it has been one of my joys to watch new businesses of all kinds transform the once ailing area.

The area south of Denver where many sushi places are located is primarily a commercial area with a small residential area. But…it is definitely a trip after work or on a weekend.Enjoy your sushi adventure!

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