Tattoo Removal Denver Review

Tattoo removal Denver review is for those that got a tattoo and later decided to change their mind. There are many reasons to remove a tattoo and some of the most common issues include:

Gang affiliation is not current

Poorly done tattoo work

No longer relevant to their life

(Examples may include the name of their ex girlfriend, childhood superhero, etc)

Tattoos often mark a very strong turning point in the owner’s life and it clearly indicates the importance by presenting it for the world to see.

I do not own a tattoo because for me it would be a constant reminder of something…like wearing the same shirt everyday for years…

But I admire some of the ones I have seen…

In Thailand there is tattoo called “Sak Yant” and it is done by Buddhist monks using very long bamboo sticks…it is thought to offer warriors protection…and frequently people report feeling invincible after getting it…and they rush into danger trying to prove the protection works.

Other tattoos I admire are the personal portraits of family members that are very detailed as if it is a photograph.

In my opinion it is a classic case of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Now those are a couple of quick examples…what about the tattoos that people don’t want to keep?

Prison tattoos, gang tattoos, biker tattoos….there are many that can keep the owner tied to a way of life that they may no longer be a part of.

The other tattoos that people decide to remove are the ones that were done in their youth but are no longer interesting..or perhaps there is a style that became so overdone they don’t want to have it anymore.

Examples include:

Chinese symbols, “stamps” on the small of a woman’s back, tribal tattoos like “barbed wire” around the bicep and the area code of where you live.

Tattoo removal Denver review is going to help you find a quality provider that uses health and safety standards that can reduce your risk of infection or painful and ineffective procedures.

Here is a partial list of Tattoo removal Denver Services:

124 W 5th Ave, Denver, CO (303) 777-5795

Second Chances Tattoo Removal

Clean Slate
2362 S Broadway, Denver, CO (303) 733-7777

Tattoo Must Go
1780 S Bellaire St Ste 310, Denver, CO (303) 781-8181

ReThink The Ink
26 W Dry Creek Cir Ste 120, Littleton, CO (720) 230-7270

Expert Laser Clinic
101 University Blvd Ste 220, Denver, CO (303) 355-7550

Sayonara Tattoo
674 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO (303) 534-5324

7507 E 36th Ave, Denver, CO (303) 371-2744

What Were You Inking
2544 15th St. Denver, CO 80211 (303) 455-5900

Happy Clinic
1211 S Parker Rd Ste 101, Denver, CO (720) 747-9999

The method that seems to be the most painless and the most effective is the laser treatment because it breaks up the ink but it may require multiple treatments. Dermabrasion is basically the same thing as using a scratchy surface and scraping the ink off…do your homework and ask your friends for referrals. This list is meant to provide a framework for your research.

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