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The whole city of Denver has fallen in love with an athlete…which is nothing new for a sports crazy town but who would have thought that someone who has only been in town for a short time would also take the nation by storm?

Is there anyone in professional sports who is more loved and more hated?

Could it be that he represents what we all want to be?

Could it be that he represents what we resist?

 Tim Tebow Denver,tim tebow in denver,	bronco tebow,Okay…one of the things that I do when I watch football…which is clearly one of my favorite things to do in Denver…is to follow a storyline within the game. If there is a rivalry… that is normally a thing that causes me to watch the game…if there was a trade from the Broncos to another team and is returning..well that is another reason to watch the game.

By the way…sometimes I don’t need a story to follow but I just want to see a football game.

Tim Tebow Denver was of interest to me for a few reasons..

    • He was a star in college at the University of Florida
    • He was home schooled
    • Even as a big star in college he volunteered for health causes in the Phillipines
    • He seems to be free of any scandal
But…my mother was fascinated by him..and she is clearly not a sports fan at all…I asked her why..

She said she has watched very little sports over the years and is only interested in baseball…and football is her least favorite sport..,

But…she thinks the reason why she will watch every Tim Tebow game is because she thinks it is about time that we stop making athletes heroes when they seem to be in trouble a lot…and if some are criminals and “me first” people..it sets a bad example for children…but Tim Tebow is handsome and probably as nice in “real life” as he seems on TV.

She went on to say…”athletes have an impact on children and they can also do some good and Tim Tebow Denver seems like a breath of fresh air”

Well…one of the things I like to do in Denver is watch Denver Broncos games with friends and talk about the game as we are watching it…

 Tim Tebow Denver,tim tebow in denver,	bronco tebow,All year I have watched him gain huge popularity with some..and I have also heard more complaints about his playing style than any other football player in recent memory.

They say he doesn’t look good when he throws…he runs too much…they say that when John Elway comes out in full support of him then the fans will stop debating Tim Tebow.

Americans love an underdog and they always build their heroes up…and then tear them down…but this Tim Tebow Denver guy has been the topic of every pre game show and most of the NFL press coverage…Next year I will watch the Broncos no matter who is the starting quarterback and as long as the games are interesting I will be there to watch them.

I have lots of things to do in Denver and during the early part of the football season when the weather is nice I have a lot of options but I can’t wait to see what happens!

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