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Traffic in Denver Colorado is about what you would think when you consider a city that has grown steadily of the years inevitably outgrew the roads meant for a smaller population
Due to the huge problem of traffic congestion Denver set out to create a massive overhaul of the highway system in 1995 called Traffic Expansion which natives nicknamed (I remember it that way at least..) TREX.

  traffic in denver,Traffic Denver Colorado, traffic denver, traffic denver co,Traffic in Denver Colorado was helped by 40 miles of light rail train as well and the project was completed a little over 10 years later in 2006.

Back in the old days the traffic in Denver Colorado was quite mild and you could describe shortcuts to natives and everyone knew how to cross town in 10 minutes…this was in the late 1970’s…taking those same streets now during non peak times would be an hour or close to it.

One example that comes to mind are the boulevards like Speer and Buchtel which were no different than highways. They were actually just as popular at one point and in the 70’s Denver didn’t have much of a highway traffic issue!

There was an example of 2 shortcuts that took you at a diagonal from southeast near Colorado Boulevard to Broadway in minutes…try that now and you will be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic almost any time of day.

Speer is a great way to go from Aurora to west Denver if you know how to keep track of the name changes.

Parker Road can be picked up at Havana in Aurora and if you keep going north toward Denver it will turn into Leetsdale…and when you cross Colorado Blvd it will become Speer Blvd. You can take that to Auraria Campus and follow it all the way to Federal Blvd at about 26th Avenue.

TREX was necessary because the major highway systems I-25 and I-225 were a tangle of cars and trucks and with so many people moving to Denver it was estimated that traffic would double at some point….so thinking ahead they approved the plan.

What “Denverites” were really excited about was the light rail system that would make it easy to go from The Denver Tech Center to downtown by train. Back then there were many jobs in the “DTC”.

I take the train often and it is easy!

Downtown has 2 is central and the other goes toward the edge to service the football stadium and old train station.

  traffic in denver,Traffic Denver Colorado, traffic denver, traffic denver co,From downtown you can go to Littleton/ Englewood or go to Aurora….or Centennial.

This has helped college students tremendously since all of the lines are convenient to campus…it has also helped sports fans that wanted to avoid the headaches of parking...but most of all it has been great for the commuter who wanted to do their part to help lessen the pollution caused by so many cars. It also is a serious time saver.

Denver traffic is still congested around peak times but it is an enormous improvement and you can actually see less stress on the faces of drivers…it has been a long time since I have seen a fight over a parking space or someone getting cut off by an bother driver.

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