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Travel Agents in Denver companies are those companies that help you leave Denver and go to other places…this is about locally owned and operated companies based here.

On the other hand, there are many travel agencies that can get you to Denver…that is not what I am writing about.

I will tell you a couple of stories based on my years of international travel experience…

I live in Denver and that is normally where I start my trip and there are times I will leave one of my destinations and go to another city for a week or two…So I may go from Denver to San Diego, stay for 2 weeks and then go to Vietnam for a few months…this can be done efficiently by using some of the online ticket companies but the thing that is missing is the experienced travel agent that knows how to help the traveler put together a route that makes sense.

Sometimes I want to see if I can save money and do everything myself and take my chances…I have been lucky..most of the time. The times I wasn’t lucky was when my lack of understanding some of the complications of international airports…and gates and concourses and baggage claim procedures. Travel Agents in Denver can straighten out a lot of potential problems…the one I use is so good I actually end up with fast transfers, minimal layover times and I have never missed a connection.

The time I wasn’t lucky was when I used an online ticket company where I strung together a series of flights and then when I got there I had nothing more than flight numbers and half the gate passes I needed. I didn’t realize that I would be on a brief layover at such a huge airport that required me to take a train that I missed my next 2 connections.

I learned my lesson….

But what makes for good Travel Agents in Denver ?

One who has traveled before and understands how crucial it is to have peace of mind when in another country…one who inspires trust.

Here is a bad example of an agent that has such a terrible reputation she couldn’t give away tickets for free in this town.

A man traveling internationally purchased his tickets from a local agency and went on his trip. He paid his money in full, had his passport and was ready for his adventure.

On his way to his destination he had to switch planes only to find out that his ticket at that point was a meaningless piece of paper…his trip up to that point was fine..but the final leg of the trip to go to his final destination was a void.

Here he was…standing at the airport with lots of people waiting for him at his final destination…his money was wired, reservations made and prepaid and he was stuck at an airport with no way to get there. He stood and argued at the counter and was forced to purchase a ticket on his own. He also had to wait for the next available flight a day later.

I honestly believe that there is no reason for me to ever use a bad travel agent…and I am lucky that I have a very good one.

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