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Some people are always getting ready to get ready but they are stuck in the planning stage but never actually do anything…Don’t be one of those people…just get off your couch and do it.

I know a couple that have been trying to save money to go overseas for a couple of years…then when they saved up the amount they planned to…then the economy turned downward…then when things got better they complained that they don’t know how to speak another language…and that it might be dangerous..

Anyway…as you can see…a lot of excuses…people can be their own worse enemy!

How about making a smaller vacation…one that is easy?

From most parts of America you can Travel to Denver within a couple of hours.

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The weather is very mild and even if you came in the middle of the winter…if you stayed longer than a week, chances are the weather will be very good on several of those days..

How many cities can say that?

Denver travel is easy because you can go to a world class airport and go downtown where it is far safer than most cities.
Denver travel also means Colorado travel because if you don’t want to just stay in Denver you can go to Aspen or Vail or one of the many world class resorts located not too far from Denver.

The airport handles huge volumes of people and does so efficiently and you will see many volunteers that can give you directions throughout the airport or answer general questions about the city itself.

Even though I have lived in Denver a very long time and have gone to the airport several times a year since it opened I still look for the nice old men and women wearing their little specially marked vest and ask them whatever is on my mind…it is great that travelers see so many nice and friendly people.

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Denver travel is not expensive…if you want 5 star hotels and dining..sure, Denver can provide that…but if you want to be creative and combine a little of convenience with a little of driving you can normally keep your costs down and see quite a bit more than just staying in a downtown hotel.

Denver travel is popular during the winter and holidays but that doesn’t mean you won’t see many people coming in throughout the off peak months.

Southwest Airlines is very inexpensive and if they don’t serve your area then you can get online or ask your travel agent.

Denver is not expensive if you are willing to do a little homework and you can have safe and comfortable places to stay in almost any part of the state and much of Denver as well.

Bring clothes that you can wear in layers because the weather changes as much as 40 degrees between sunrise and sunset.

Denver is a walk-able city too so you can see a lot if you are willing to be adventurous.

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