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Trip advisor review

There are times I have to leave Denver and go to a strange new city that I don’t have time to research because I am in a hurry. Maybe I don’t know anybody there and have to just take a chance that I can book a room without worrying about all the details. When that happens I use a website called Trip Advisor because it is perfect for what I need.

I want to share my Trip advisor review with you

Trip advisor offers customer reviews, links to traveler’s blogs as well as photos!

It is a terrific advantage to review a few ratings and reviews and see if there is a pattern and with this hotel website they don’t just complain but they go into great detail about what they like about the hotel.

 Trip advisor review

Hotel websites take a long time to research locations and pricing…then on to another one…and before you know it you are burned out and you end up just calling a couple to get pricing and availability…because you think it is quicker…But the time it takes to call 3 places, be put on hold and transferred and dealing with all the questions as well as sales pressure to make a reservation….I could have checked a dozen places on Trip Advisor and also entered a couple of dates to see what the hotel’s rates would be…seriously, it is so fast and so easy.
If I have the time to read a lot of reviews I can find out what visitor attractions and points of interest are nearby.

I have used it for trips to California, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Washington DC and Maryland….but did you know I used it many times before going to Vietnam?

Yes…always accurate and always reliable!

I read about this one guy who had a blog detailing his adventures traveling all over the world…after seeing his experience with a particular school I decided to check it out and turned out to be a great experience. He became pretty influential when I discovered he had the career path that I just got on and it was through his mistakes and successes that I learned many valuable things.

So…as you can see...Trip Advisor is more of a community of travelers than a hotel website...though that is their focus. That was years ago but I have used it consistently over the years and they have added even more features and benefits that help you save time and money. One of the interesting things it does is allow the hotel owner to respond and take the opportunity to make corrections that lead to a revised review.

Hotel websites can be a big factor in finding a clean and safe place you can feel at home in…or, at the very least…you can avoid a disaster.

In Denver you can read a lot about hotels and see ratings and reviews too but the main thing I want to say is do your homework but if possible, follow your gut instinct…no matter what.

Believe it or not, I have walked into hotels when I had a reservation and felt a strong sense something was wrong and decided at the last moment to cancel…I only have one life and want to ensure my safety at all times.

Hope you will find my Trip advisor review useful.

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