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In Denver we are lucky to have some great universities and the options for getting your Master’s Degree are numerous…but did you know you can get it online?

I know…some of you are saying that online degrees are sometimes not respected…but University of Denver or “DU” is a fantastic institution that has a great reputation.

It is not a diploma mill!

You must take your education seriously so it pays to do your research before going to graduate school…but tell me…what do you know about graduate school?

It is for people that completed their 4 year degree (Bachelor’s Degree) and are ready to do in depth research and a thesis that basically proves their mastery of the topic.

University of Denver graduate online programs are for the serious student!

The University of Denver Graduate online programs are not a casual thing….and it is not a self-paced affair that you can wait until you are in the mood before logging in and participating on the discussion boards.The successful students choose their major carefully and throw themselves into it and average about 15 hours a week.

The focus areas for the University of Denver online graduate programs are:

 University of Denver Graduate, denver university graduate programs,university of denver graduate pro  Leadership and Organizations
    Majors-Human Capital in Organizations,
    Project Management and more
Organizational and Professional Communication
    Alternative Dispute Resolution,
    Public Relations and Marketing and more
Security Management
    Information Security,
    Emergency Planning and Response
    Organizational Security.
Strategic Human Resource Management
    Global Human Resources
    Human Resource Management and Development.

Environmental Policy and Management

    Energy and Sustainability,
    Environmental Assessment of Nuclear Power,
    Natural Resource Management and more.
Geographic Information Systems
    Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems.
Global Affairs
    World History and Culture,
    Translation Studies and
    Global Issues.
Healthcare Leadership
    Healthcare Policy
    Law and Ethics
    Strategic Management of Healthcare and more.

Information and Communications Technology

    Database Design
    Information Systems Security
    Software Design and Programming
    Telecommunications Technology and more.
Arts and Culture
    Art Literature and Culture
    Creative Writing and more.

The University of Denver online graduate programs are part of the “University College” and are delivered 24 hours a day with exciting content delivered through a blend of audio and video presentations online.

For those of us that went to college a few years ago…we didn’t always have a lot to choose from online and when we did find a class we needed it was not very fancy.

Back then we read our textbooks and logged in to a discussion board to make a statement and respond to 2 or 3 students per week….and we submitted our papers online every few weeks and never had the confidence that our work was noticed.
“DU” provides great technology with their first class faculty to ensure the success of their students.

Online programs, great instructors and a flexible schedule help more students get their Master’s Degree than ever before.

I know there are other online programs one can use to get their degree but I believe the demands on the student are minimal….if a selling point for the other schools is you don’t need to take an entrance exam…well maybe that helps more people to get enrolled…but is the lack of accountability a good thing in a university?

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